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Locally sourced, carefully prepared & served with love.

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We serve a variety of dishes to suit every taste, starting with the traditional classics, such as pizza, pasta and risotto, as well as the specialities of the Lombardian wine region. We also offer the chef speciality, pan-fried lamb shank. After a delicious meal, sit back and enjoy a drink in our chilled bar. In addition, the menu also features regional dishes, and there is also a large selection of Italian wines to accompany your meal.

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Located in the lower part of Manhattan’s east-side, the Rockrose serves customers with locally sourced, carefully produced food. Founded by brothers Will and Mason, the restaurant has been run by a talented young team since its inception in 2003. The eclectic cuisine reflects our complex journey from the kitchens of Southern France to here. Our main goal is to provide great food made with local, responsible-sourced produce  that you will love.

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the chef

Chef Mateo arrived to New York from Paris in 2003. He brought with him a vast culinary experience passed on from generation to generation. Since his time at the legendary La Brea, he's been hailed by other food writers and chefs as "the most innovative chef since Scala"

"I'm the grandson of immigrants," he says, pointing to his mother's ancestors who came across the ocean and settled in Queens. "We were part Italian; we had roots that ran deep." His grandfather worked for Ernest Hemingway when he was young.